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"I define personal success as being consistent with my life purpose:
To marry my action with my values."


KIM LE 101 

Lesson 1

  1. My first name is Kim Khuyen. It means “Golden Ring”. Asians love everything golden.
  2. My first college major was Tourism and Hotel Management, and like 83% of all students I discovered that I was not interested in any jobs in that field. 
  3. So, at 21, with my rear view mirror and $1000 in my pocket, I left my country to take an exciting job at McDonald’s in what I thought was Alexandria, Virginia, the beautiful suburb of Washington, D.C. It seems I got my data mixed up and had applied for a position in Alexandria, Louisiana, a town with less than 50,000 people. Quite a contrast to the sophisticated metropolitan area of DC!
  4. 2009-2010 is a time of global financial crisis. I went back to Vietnam to work and study at the same time for my second degree. Of course, I had to deal with numbers everyday to make sure I had enough money to pay for my next bill.
  5. Life started to turn more “golden” for me when I entered the marketing world, even though my parents were very worried at the beginning as they thought I would have to put up billboards or give out leaflets at super markets. Believe me, 80% of Vietnamese parents I have talked to have no idea about marketing or advertising. 
  6. My father didn’t want me to study or work abroad because 95% of his friends had already become grandfathers.
  7. I follow my instincts 99% of the time.

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